Sunday, 25 October 2009

Brewplant Delivery

I must admit, when I initially bought the brewplant I didn't give too much thought to transporting it to the site in Tottenham. It turns out transporting a few tons of stainless is not quite as straightforward as delivering a pallet of baked beans. An assortment of 12 barrel brewing vessels are an awkward load and although they are pretty tough, they can get bashed about if mishandled.

So I managed to find a haulage firm that specialises in moving heavy machinery - Merritts. Damien and Melvin, the drivers made driving a large truck and maneuvering a heavy duty forklift seem like a piece of cake.

The photo above shows some of the brewplant, which was previously used by Slaters in Stafford to produce Top Totty and other fine beers. They upgraded to a nice new shiny 30 barrel plant. I'm spending all my days at the moment trying to make these old tanks look a little bit shiny, but as long as they will provide me with great beer, I won't worry too much about the cosmetics. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.