Sunday, 8 November 2009

Slowly but Surely

We are getting there. Some of the main brewhouse equipment is now connected and nearly all of our hygienic cladding has gone on the walls. In the picture below you can see our copper on the left almost obscuring the cold liqour tank behind it, with the hot liquor tank to the right, underback in front and heat exchanger in the middle. We do have a mash tun (they come in pretty handy...) but for the time being we need that space to get our fermenters into the fermenting room.

There is still plenty to do and the next task is to get our fermenting room sorted out.

We have 2 twelve barrel fermenters, 1 ten Barrel (we had 2 but decided to use the other as our cold liquor tank) and 4 six barrel fermenters. That basically gives us 58 barrels of fermenting capacity so it will take us a good while until we reach that level of production.

We registered our cask colour bands last week. The colour bands are used to help publicans and other brewers more easily recognise the brewery to whom the casks belong. I had a look on the BBPA website and decided purple and pink will hopefully differentiate us from most other breweries and help reduce the number of our casks which go astray.