Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Beginning

My name is Andy. Last year, in what was probably a mild sign of a mid life crisis, I left my job to start a small brewery in North London. One year later the lease is just about to be signed on a small industrial unit in Tottenham and a team of builders are ready to create the required infrastructure. The 12 Barrel plant, fermenters, conditioning tanks, chiller units, pumps and pipes are waiting to make their journey down south. We hope to be brewing some wonderful beer by the start of Nov.

Starting any new venture is exciting, but slightly scary at the same time. The statistics on new business failures never make comfortable reading, but hopefully with hard work and determination, a degree of common sense and a bit of luck, The Redemption Brewing Company will benefit from the ongoing rennaisance of the cask conditioned ale market.

We will use this blog to tell you about our beers, our brewing and the daily fun and games involved in running a brewery.


  1. Good luck Andy. I look forward to sampling some of your brews.

  2. Thanks SheyMouse, hope you will enjoy them.

  3. Hi Andy,
    My name's Lucy and I'm a reporter at the Haringey Advertiser. I was hoping to have a quick chat with you about the brewery.
    If you could give me a call on 020 8370 5472 or email me at lucy.purdy@nlhnews.co.uk that would be great.


  4. Congratulations!

    hope everything happens as planned!

    Keep in touch,

  5. Thanks Beermerchants, hopefully we will be able to brew some great beers and eventually be good enough to sit alongside your impressive stable of beers.

  6. Hi Andy

    I'm thinking about going on the same course as you at Sunderland, but would like some experience before I commit. If you are looking for some help (in anyway), drop me a line at jondavy@mac.com



  7. Thanks Jon, will send you an email